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  • PinkStinks.org.uk (there’s more than one way to be a girl): /Homepage; /About: Pinkstinks is a campaign that targets the products, media and marketing that prescribe heavily stereotyped and limiting roles to young girls …; /Campaigns; /Articles (Blog);
  • The Brave Girls Alliance #BraveGirlsWant (It is time to change our girls’ fate. Our brave daughters have the right to a healthy childhood): /Homepage; /Values; /Services; /Campaigns; /Speak to us;
  • Part of Inspiring the Future (Inspiring Women: 15,000 inspirational women going into state schools/colleges to inspire girls to think about a wide range of professions and sectors): /Homepage; /About; /News; /Blog; /article: Oxfordshire pupils play ‘What’s my line? (with UK’s 1st female RAF Air-Vice-Marshal and people from diverse jobs, on Inspiring Women/Blog, by itfinspiringwomen, Dec 8, 2014);
  • Project Wild Thing PWT (Reconnecting Kids with Nature): /Homepage; /About; /The Wild Network; /Take Action; /Wild Time; /FILM by Filmmaker David Bond (5 options);
  • Let Toys Be Toys.org.uk (… to stop limiting children’s interests by promoting some toys and books as only suitable for girls, and others only for boys): /Homepage; /About; /Retailers; /Blog;

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Mozambique: Trained Women Leaders Take Action to Combat Malnutrition, on The Hunger Project.co.uk, Dec 5, 2014 (Website: The Hunger Project.co.uk);



Species’ Niche and Its Distribution, 3.50 min, uploaded by NIMBioS, August 30, 2010;

… and this:

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