Stripped naked, kept in solitary: Manning tortured like terrorist – Welsh relatives say

Published on Russia Today RT, Dec 14, 2014.

US authorities tortured Chelsea Manning with barbaric CIA techniques, which posed a threat to her psychological health, the Welsh aunt of the jailed whistleblower revealed to local media.

Before her trial for providing WikiLeaks with the largest cache of classified information in US history, Chelsea Manning was humiliated in a similar way that terrorist suspects were, her Welsh relatives told WalesOnline on Sunday.  

“What really hurt me was the treatment Chelsea received in Quantico two years before the trial: stripped naked, kept in solitary confinement, made to stand in a corner, everything taken away,” said Sharon Staples, Manning’s aunt.

Her revelation echoed the 2012 report of UN special rapporteur Juan Mendez, who ruled that “the alleged prolonged solitary confinement … was … a violation of Manning’s right to physical and psychological integrity,” as well as of presumption of innocence.

The allegations by Manning’s family add further to the growing calls to investigate US interrogation techniques, as well as the role British intelligence played in the process.

The summary of a CIA report, released this week, revealed the agency’s harsh torture methods – including freezing inmates to death, sleep deprivation, rectal feeding and waterboarding.

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