Les enfoirés

Tournée des enfoirés 1989, 99.14 min, uploaded by maiseuhdisdonc, Nov 23, 2014.

Sorry, our famous Swiss efficiency is crashing, when you are ordered to change the Internet provider, what happens to me:

My actual provider announces rather too late his sudden retirement from Switzerland, my next, the big Swiss company, cannot solve connection problems before the first days next year … if really. So I am still out of my own internet access, telephone fix and numeric TV …

… ok, for me a possibility for less work and desintoxicate as workaholic, with the hope you enjoy the music you may find meanwhile every day. As soon as our Swiss efficiency finishes his winter sleep we will meet again with longer articles and links.

Meanwhile all the best wishes for 2015!

.25p IMG_3286.

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