On the Republicans and the 1% – Noam Chomsky

Video – Interview with Noam Chomsky: Can we save our Democracy and History, 28.04 min, uploaded by The Chomsky Videos, Dec 3, 2014 – (see (US-)Republicans ‘dedicated with utter servility’ to the needs of the 1 percent – Noam Chomsky, on RawStory, by Scott Kaufman, Dec 5, 2014): “The last vote,” he said, referring to the November elections:

  • “was the lowest turnout since 1940, in the middle of [World War II], when people couldn’t vote.”
  • “Why? Because people understand what is shown in academic political science — that their voices just don’t matter. The opinions of the lowest 70 percent of the population — the lowest on the income scale — are simply disregarded” … //

… (full text).

Chomsky in 2014: FULL List and SMALL Clips, on raw story.  

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my comment – both sides do not explain the real functionning of the actual system: the banks are creating money mostly out of NOTHING (smoke) … and … WE HAVE NOT ONLY TO PAY THEM REAL MONEY BACK, BUT ALSO INTEREST ON THIS SMOKE (see:

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