Index April 2015

2015-04-01: Namibia: Industrialisation and Women’s Liberation;
2015-04-01: Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 – no, it is not a crazy co-pilot;
2015-04-02: Afghanistan’s China Card;
2015-04-02: German Wings Absturz – mehr Besonnenheit bitte;
2015-04-03: EUROPE: 19 economists call on the ECB to make ‘QE for the people’ in a letter to the Financial Times;
2015-04-04: Greece Threatens to Miss IMF Payment, Issue Drachma;
2015-04-05: Islamic State is the cancer of modern capitalism;
2015-04-06: The Persian Paradox – Iran is much more modern than you think;
2015-04-07: Sinead O’Connor;
2015-04-08: still concerning;
2015-04-09: How America Became an Oligarchy;
2015-04-10: BRICS $100bn reserve currency pool to soothe global shocks – Medvedev;
2015-04-11: Prince Charles, Secrecy, and the British Government;
2015-04-12: Caught between the deadly, dead-end alternatives of imperialism & religious fundamentalism;
2015-04-13: Urban Farming;
2015-04-14: Reading Trotsky in Pakistan;
2015-04-15: Günter Grass Obituary: Farewell to Germany’s Towering Literary Figure;
2015-04-16: Yanis Varoufakis and Joseph Stiglitz;
2015-04-17: Mandarin for the Warlords, the Harvard School of Empire Building;
2015-04-18: Joseph Stiglitz on economy and inequality;
2015-04-19: IRELAND: the Dubliners;
2015-04-20: Cubs of the Caliphate;
2015-04-21: Buying Better: The Impossible Challenge of Ethical Shopping – part 1;
2015-04-22: SANTANA;
2015-04-23: Maidan snipers trained in Poland;
2015-04-24: A War Waged From German Soil: US Ramstein Base Key in Drone Attacks;
2015-04-25: links about money and income;
2015-04-26: Music for Brain Power;
2015-04-27: Control World;
2015-04-28: on Education;
2015-04-28: Freie Energie;
2015-04-29: Greece replaces Finance Minister Varoufakis as lead in debt talks;
2015-04-30: Donetsk Separatist Leader: We Are Not Citizens of Ukraine;
2015-04-30: Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, APRIL 1-30, 2015.

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