Greece replaces Finance Minister Varoufakis as lead in debt talks

Published on Russia Today RT, April 28, 2015 [video 3.09 min].

The Greek government has given Financial Relations Minister Euclid Tsakalotos the lead in negotiating with international creditors. The Syriza-led coalition says the team headed by Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has failed to produce results.
The Athens government announced the decision on Monday.  

Tsakalotos will represent Greece at the next Eurogroup meeting of finance ministers on May 11, a landmark date for Greece as the government has to persuade the Troika of lenders –the EU, ECB and IMF to release new funds. It is hoped the economics professor will take a more active face-to-face role in negotiations with Greek creditors … //

… By sidelining Varoufakis from negotiations with European creditors, Syriza is calming down its anti-austerity stance, James Meadway, senior economist at New Economic Foundation, told RT.

“What this reshuffle suggests, when you have Euclid Tsakalotos taking more of a role in the negotiations – he’s very pro-European, very pro-euro – it suggests the Greek government is inching away from its hard-line austerity position,” he said.

Greece needs to get about €7.2 billion from Europe to pay outstanding debt. Should Athens fail to get the money, the country could default in May. This could force the country to leave the euro, which could then create a domino effect across Europe.

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My comment about:

  • have no pitty with this society running only for money, this structure no more deserves your services;
  • have no pitty with an elite accepting any pressure/blackmailing to serve money instead of people’s need;
  • never expect from any government helping you in your austerity struggle, they are too much blackmailed by the Money Power
  • we must change all this by ourselves – Heidi;

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[ UPDATE May 2:
The Greek debt crisis is Greece (the country) versus the Troika (First Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece);

The troika is the International Monetary Fund IMF, the European Union EU (European Commission) and - in english: the European Central Bank ECB, resp. in german: die Europäische Zentralbank EZB, resp. in french: la Banque centrale européenne BCE); ]

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