Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, APRIL 1-30, 2015

related articles published during April 2015: (continuously updated …)  

Viewpoint: An Unconditional Citizen’s Income, April 30;
US: Alaska’s Budget Deficit is Political Threat to its Basic Income, April 29;
IRELAND: Basic Income Ireland Facebook page passes 18,000 likes, April 29;
CANADA: Basic Income Canada Network launches new Facebook page, April 27;
US: Budget under BIG (Basic Income Guarantee), April 27;
Ethiopia: Rethinking Basic Income in a Sharing Society, April 27;
FINLAND: More than half of the new MPs support basic income, April 24;
Small Yet BIG – The Basic Income Guarantee, April 23; A bipartisan proposal to make a universal basic income a reality in America, April 23;
Basic income application set for BitNation, April 23;
Basic Income: on the side of the people, April 21;
Unconditional Basic Income, Obstacles and Strategies, April 20;
FINLAND: Pro-Basic Income Centre Party wins election, April 20;
Reclaiming the Women’s Liberationist Demand for a Citizen’s Income, April 17;
NETHERLANDS: Basic Income activists initiates crowd funding process to finance his own Basic Income, April 16;
SPAIN: Podemos working group seeks 37,000 signatures to reinstate basic income as a manifesto commitment, April 14;
Jean-Eric Hyafil: Expérimenter le RSA inconditionnel dans les départements [ Trying out the unconditional RSA in the Department] – The French Movement for Basic Income group is proposing a new pilot project that will reform the existing welfare program (RSA) to become unconditional and remove the job search requirement currently associated with it, among other changes, April 9;
Video: Experimenteren met Gratis geld [Experimenting with free money], April 9;
Scrap social assistance, top-up earnings, says livable income group – P.E.I. Working Group for a Livable Income unveiling guaranteed basic income plan, April 9;
Interview: Tony Atkinson pleads for a minimum heritage for all citizens, April 9;
Rethinking basic income in a sharing society, April 6;
Minnesota – Jurgen De Wispelaere of McGill University: Let’s Talk Strategy to Achieve a Basic Income, April 5;
UNITED KINGDOM: National Union of Students Women’s Campaign adopts Universal Basic Income calling it ‘an extremely important feminist issue’, April 3.

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