Yanis Varoufakis and Joseph Stiglitz

Watch this video: Yanis Varoufakis and Joseph Stiglitz, 62.51 min, uploaded on YouTube by INETeconomics, April 9, 2015 – (found on Corrente/athena1’s blog: I think I get Marx’s basic idea about capitalism).


Richard Wolff: Scapegoat Economics 2015, on naked capitalism (first on democracy at work), by Lambert Strether, April 15, 2015;

Alzheimer’s breakthrough: Scientists may have found potential cause of the disease, on Democratic Underground, by Surya Gayatri, April 15, 2015: in the behaviour of immune cells – giving new hope to millions;

How Is It Possible That the Board of Directors of Cooper Union Has Not Resigned in Shame? on naked capitalism (first on Corrente), by Lambert Strether, April 14, 2015;

Corporate Farms’ Control of Water, on Dissident Voice, by James Hall, April 15, 2015;

Deflation: Transferring Wealth To Rentiers, on New Left Project, by Ann Pettifor, April 14, 2015: Deflation is taking hold across the world and the finance sector has so successfully captured the imaginations of policy makers that no one recognises the threat;

How has Singapore changed over the years? on The Straits Times, April 8, 2015: Let us show you how, in our new online feature called Singapore Slider: Then & Now;

Singapore: Happier workers with greater ownership, on The Straits Times, by Sanjay Perera, Feb 14, 2015;

Capitalism, a Love Story – Doc, 127.19 min, uploaded by Doc Film, Nov 10, 2014 … directed, written by and starring with Michael Moore, Sept/Oct 2009;

… and this:

… und noch dies:

[Doku deutsch] von Natur Wissenschaft auf YouTube hochgeladen:

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