Index February 2015

2015-02-01: Merkel’s unintended creation, could Tsipras’ Win upset balance of power in Europe?
2015-02-02: Sick or Psychotic? Bradley Cooper in American Sniper;
2015-02-03: US mulls providing Kiev forces with ‘defensive’ weapons – report;
2015-02-04: Richard D. Wolff about Global Capitalism and European’s Austerity Fight;
2015-02-04: Pegida oder nicht? Charlie oder was? … und was noch?
2015-02-05: Class War Furor;
2015-02-05: aus der Rosa-Luxemburg-Konferenz;
2015-02-06: the lessons that can be drawn from the failure of the Greek 2012 restructuring;
2015-02-07: The Last Days of Annie Bus, a Chronicle of Dutch Euthanasia;
2015-02-08: Democracy in the Digital Era;
2015-02-08: Geld – Gold – globale Gesellschaft;
2015-02-09: Save democracy, Stop the attack on, and expand voting rights;
2015-02-10: 40 world leaders “marching with the people” …;
2015-02-10: What is a Conspiracy Theory? What is the Truth?
2015-02-11: The Grand Manipulation;
2015-02-11: Banking Giant HSBC Sheltered Murky Cash Linked to Dictators and Arms Dealers;
2015-02-12: A ‘basic income system’ could be feasible in Spain;
2015-02-13: Leaking Against the Impossible: Whistleblower John Kiriakou, CIA Torture and Leaking;
2015-02-13: 16-hour Minsk marathon: Vodka for journos, Merkel’s cell died, Lavrov smokes;
2015-02-14: The Rojava Revolution and the Liberation of Kobani;
2015-02-15: Putin set to drop “truth bomb” on USA;
2015-02-16: Cuba: Land of Opportunity;
2015-02-17: Beyond the Market-State, Decentralising Power in a Sharing Society;
2015-02-18: Interview with Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis;
2015-02-19: Guantanamo of the East, Ukraine Locks Up Refugees at EU’s Behest;
2015-02-20: Speaking out on religion, salvation or destruction;
2015-02-21: The Coercion of Greece;
2015-02-22: Transnational Capitalist Class TCC and related articles;
2015-02-23: Videos with Yanis Varoufakis;
2015-02-24: Swimming with the Sharks;
2015-02-25: Tsípras: Scared by His Own Courage;
2015-02-26: 25 Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry, Vaccines and “Anti-Vaxers”;
2015-02-27: BILD says ‘NEIN’ to Greece bailout extension;
2015-02-28: The chance of an American being killed by terrorists is close to zero;
2015-02-28: Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, FEBRUARY 1-28, 2015.

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