Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, FEBRUARY 1-28, 2015

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Why Greece needs a basic income, Feb 26;
UNITED KINGDOM: Green Party England and Wales launches election campaign, manifesto to include Basic Income, Feb 25;
New York, NY: The Basic Income Guarantee movement will have events in three boroughs on the last weekend in February, Feb 18;
Finnish Green Party updates its basic income policy, Feb 18;
Japan: Pro-basic income Green Party has a new political platform, Feb 16;
United Kingdom: Natalie Bennett Speaks at LSE and Discusses Basic Income, Feb 15;
Mistbreaker News: Is Basic Income a Viable Concept in the Automated World? Feb 15;
Geoff Simmons: Ten Types of People Who Would be Better Off with an Unconditional Basic Income, Feb 15;
Jamie McMillan: Basic Income Scheme: How to Pay for it, Feb 12;
Basic Income Pilots, a better option than QE, Feb 9;
New York, NY: The Fourteenth Annual NABIG Congress (Feb 26 to March 1, 2015), Feb 9;
Analyzing a Universal Basic Income, Feb 9;
Basic minimum income is a BRILLIANT idea. Small problem: it doesn’t work as planned, unless you’re in India, it seems, Feb 8;
Et si la Grèce imitait le Brésil en adoptant le Revenu Garanti pour tous? par Paul THUNISSEN (son site), le 7 février 2015;
John Higgs: Why ‘unconditional basic income for all’ fails the ‘splutter test’ but would liberate the world, Feb 7;
Reducing poverty rate by guaranteeing incomes – U of M economist crunches numbers, Feb 6;
SPAIN: How is the situation evolving in the Basque Country, Spain, concerning Basic Income? Feb 6;
Basic income: the world’s simplest plan to end poverty explained – Dylan Matthews, Feb 5;
VIDEO: Professor David Graeber Discusses Pointless Jobs and Basic Income, 6.08 min, Feb 3;
Basic income – transforming benefits in the era of the precariat, Feb 3;
PORTUGAL: Portuguese citizen movements and political party join together to contest the upcoming elections and insert basic income in their draft political program, Feb 2;
Paying everyone a basic income would kill off low-paid menial jobs – Paul Mason, Feb 1;
Paulo Querido: Basic income is getting closer to the political agenda [Já faltou mais para levar o rendimento básico incondicional à agenda política], Feb 1;, 2015.

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