25 Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry, Vaccines and “Anti-Vaxers”

Published on Global Research.ca, by Julie Lévesque, Feb 25, 2015.

… Why is the media so keen on portraying Big Pharma critics as crazy, uneducated, unscientific and irresponsible people?

Dr Marcia Angell worked for over two decades as editor of The New England Journal of Medicine. She was fired after criticizing the pharmaceutical industry, which had exerted a n overriding and negative influence on the scientific literature. She said: “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published.”  

Numerous journalists say the same goes for the mainstream media … //

25 Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry, Vaccines and “Anti-Vaxers”:

1- China has measles outbreaks but 99% are vaccinated:

  • A recent study published in PLoS titled, “Difficulties in eliminating measles and controlling rubella and mumps: a cross-sectional study of a first measles and rubella vaccination and a second measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination,” has brought to light the glaring ineffectiveness of two measles vaccines (measles–rubella (MR) or measles–mumps–rubella(MMR) ) in fulfilling their widely claimed promise of preventing outbreaks in highly vaccine compliant populations. (Sayer Ji, Why Is China Having Measles Outbreaks When 99% Are Vaccinated?, GreenMedInfo 20 September 2014)

2- Mandatory Chickenpox Vaccination Increases Disease Rates, Study Shows: … //

12- Vaccine manufacturers [...] continued to sell off their mercury-based supplies of vaccines until last year [2004].

  • The CDC and FDA [bought] up the tainted vaccines for export to developing countries and allowed drug companies to continue using the preservative in some American vaccines — including several pediatric flu shots as well as tetanus boosters routinely given to eleven-year-olds. (Ibid.)

13- Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist,

  • who has received $873,000 in contributions from the pharmaceutical industry, has been working to immunize vaccine makers from liability in 4,200 lawsuits that have been filed by the parents of injured children. (Ibid.)

14- Seasonal Flu Shots still contain thimerosal.

  • Look at the monographs. For example the one from Vaccigrip from Sanofi Pasteur states on page 4 the mercury-based preservative is in its multidose vial:
  • “Clinically Relevant Non-medicinal Ingredients: thimerosal* , formaldehyde, Triton® X-100†, neomycin”

15- Dr. Scott Reuben former member of Pfizer’s speakers’ bureau published dozens of fake study in medical journals: … //

25- In 2012 GlaxoSmithKline Pleaded Guilty and Paid “$3 Billion to Resolve Fraud Allegations and Failure to Report Safety Data”

  • According to the US Justice Department:
  • The resolution is the largest health care fraud settlement in U.S. history and the largest payment ever by a drug company. ..
  • GSK agreed to plead guilty to a three-count criminal information, including two counts of introducing misbranded drugs, Paxil and Wellbutrin, into interstate commerce and one count of failing to report safety data about the drug Avandia to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

(full text).

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