Tsípras: Scared by His Own Courage

Published on Dissident Voice, by Wilhelm Langthaler, February 21, 2015.

… Sýriza is prisoners of its own past, its origins in the euro-communist Synaspismós. For them the European Union has been the greatest achievement of the post-war period. Only they would need to make it more socially inclined. They failed to understand that the very raison d’être of the EU is to destroy the welfare states which historically had grown within the nation states.  

Certainly, the people longs for security. Their vote is endorsing the balancing act between ending austerity and remaining keeping the Euro. They want to be part of the club of the rich countries and fear to be pushed again into the poor periphery. This is understandable. The latest developments however make it more than clear that this is impossible – the capitalist centre will not accept it. To end the hunger dictate Greece must get rid of the rule of the EU’s elite dominated by Berlin before Berlin kicks Greece out on German terms.

Sýriza has been more and more hinting to the mandate given by the vote, but this is turning into a pretext, a cover to hide behind the people. While the people start to understand and demonstrated their overwhelming support of a hard line against Berlin, Sýriza is turning into the rear guard blocking the rapid process of popular radicalisation. The answer to Berlin and Brussels would be obvious: If you insist on starving us, we will send the creditors to hell. In such a case, it would be Schäuble’s and the Goldmen’s turn to panic. That cancelling the debt is indeed possible has been demonstrated by governments that are much less left-leaning than Sýriza – see Argentine or Iceland.

At the end of the day a broad coalition for a break could have emerged – reaching far beyond Greece including forces like Podemos and others. The contours of the real social Europe would have appeared on the horizon – on the rubble of the Euro and the capitalist EU. By signing the agreement Tsípras and Varoufákis have done a great disservice to Julio Iglesias of Podemos in Spain … //

… The central demands in the interest of the popular classes are: Exit from the euro – break with the capitalist centre.

Following steps could follow suit:

  • capital controls
  • repudiation of the debt
  • nationalisation of the banks
  • public investment programme
  • exit from EU and NATO
  • turn to Russia and China in view of an international co-operation independent of the imperialist west

The incipient popular movement is needed to avoid capitulation. We call for international solidarity to all forces fighting the starvation programme that proved to require the immediate break with the Euro regime.

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