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  • (TCC or TNC), also known as the transnational capitalist network (TCN), in neo-Gramscian and other Marxian-influenced analyses of international political economy and globalization, is the global social stratum that controls supranational instruments of the global economy such as transnational corporations and political organs such as the World Trade Organization WTO. In other words, it is “that segment of the world bourgeoisie that represents transnational capital”.[1] It is characteristically cosmopolitan and unconstrained by national boundaries …;
  • The transnational capitalist class is expressed as a global ruling class and essential players of global capitalism by William Robinson and Jerry Harris.[2] In the transnational capitalist class, according to Professor Leslie Sklair, there are four fractions which are, corporate, state, technical and consumerist.[3] The four fractions stated by Professor Leslie Sklair, bring together transnational corporations (TNC), globalizing bureaucrats, globalizing professionals, and merchants as well as the media as members of the TCC.
  • Also according to the Sociology of the Global System,[3] the World Economic Forum (WEF) shows the existence of the TCC as the corporate fraction and the state fraction gather in Davos, Switzerland

Theory of the Transnational Capitalist Class has two main principles:[4]

  • 1. Transnational capitalist class collaborate to benefit their own interests (powerful lobbyists (here on wikipedia: USA) and Super PACs);
  • 2. Nation States have less control over transnational capitalist corporations aiding in globalization;

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