Index July 2016

2016-07-01: In Push for Education Reforms, Mexican Government Kills Teachers in the Street;
2016-07-02: again BREXIT;
2016-07-03: Poverty Conundrum: Why Most Poor People Live in Middle-Income Countries;
2016-07-04: collapsing of World Trade Center Buildings;
2016-07-05: Référendum en Suisse: Le revenu de base requiert un changement de paradigme;
2016-07-06: The Costs of Capitalist Decline in North America and Europe – with Richard D. Wolff;
2016-07-07: After Brexit, a Social-Democratic Re-Founding of Europe?
2016-07-08: on Russia/Putin US, related to Big Oil – Mafia worldwide;
2016-07-09: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: If Chávez were Alive Today, would the Situation in Venezuela be different?
2016-07-10: CETA’s specter of corporate dictatorship still haunts Canada and the EU;
2016-07-11: Secret Underground Complex;
2016-07-12: Washington’s ‘New Managers’ in Latin America;
2016-07-13: Three Recent Wins Prove Old-Fashioned Union Power Isn’t Dead Yet;
2016-07-14: Being Black Palestinian – Solidarity as a Welcome Pathology;
2016-07-15: Bernie Sanders. the End of a Campaign;
2016-07-16: The Story of Ahmed and Alin – Syrian Orphans Trapped in Turkey – part 1;
2016-07-17: Building Global Labor Solidarity Today;
2016-07-18: EU BASICS – your Guide to the UK Referendum on EU Membership;
2016-07-19: Big Mother takes over helm of UK;
2016-07-20: A Visit with Fethullah Gülen;
2016-07-21: Humanitarian Crisis in Fallujah;
2016-07-22: Rethinking Recovery: Poverty Chains and Global Capitalism;
2016-07-23: The Immorality and Brutal Violence of Extreme Greed;
2016-07-24: Europe in despair;
2016-07-25: Pedagogy of the Oppressor;
2016-07-26: Aftermath of Munich shooting offers important lesson on the politics of fear;
2016-07-27: Postal Workers Confront Canada Post, The Struggle Continues in 2016;
2016-07-28: The European Revolt Against the Neoliberal EU;
2016-07-29: In Solidarity with Imprisoned Poet, Ashraf Fayadh;
2016-07-30: Dangerous Propaganda: Network Close To NATO Military Leader Fueled Ukraine Conflict;
2016-07-30: Published on Chelsea;
2016-07-31: Obama abandons justice.

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