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  • BREXIT: THE MOVIE – FULL FILM, 71.01 min, uploaded by Brexit: The Movie, May 12, 2016 … is a feature-length documentary film to inspire as many people as possible to vote to LEAVE the EU in the June 23rd referendum.

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The Backlash Against Neoliberalism? – Brexit, 56.53 min, uploaded by The Big Picture RT, Full Show June 30, 2016 … Thom discusses how Brexit represents the backlash against neoliberalism with economist and author Robin Hahnel, how Congress is trying to pass dangerous anti-privacy laws following the Pulse nightclub shooting with The District Sentinel’s Sam Sacks, how race is playing in the 2016 presidential election with radio host Ben Dixon, and in tonight’s Daily Take Thom details America’s Brexit in 177;

Britain could remain in EU as London has no idea how to leave – Kerry, June 30, 2016:

  • on Google Web-search;
  • as a statement in a short video, on YouTube, 1.24 min (an example of Kerry’s nasty democratic understanding);
  • on YouTube-search;
  • on en.wikipedia (redirected from BREXIT): United Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union … is a political goal that has been pursued by various individuals, advocacy groups, and political parties since the United Kingdom joined the precursor of the European Union (EU) in 1973. Withdrawal from the European Union has been a right of EU member states since 2007 under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union …;

Rote Karte für Brüssel, besiegen Populisten Europa? – Maischberger HD, 71.01 min, uploaded by Mediathek HD, Sendung vom 29. Juni 2016 … (… also, wenn wir selber bestimmen wollen, sind wir Populisten? – Heidi);

BREXIT: will Britain stay or go, understanding and defeating Working Class Nativism, on teleSUR, by Paul Street, June 28, 2016: the ever-shifting supply and demand for labor holds no small relevance to the triumphs, trials and tribulations of the working class;

China’s Sovereign Bond Rally Restored by Brexit as Yields Drop, on Bloomberg, June 27, 2016: Turmoil spurred by British vote boosts demand for haven assets, Concern about China’s economic slowdown also buoying debt;

Making Sense of Brexit – Paul Mason on Britain’s Growing Economic & Political Crisis, on Democracy Now, June 27, 2016: Britain remains in a widening crisis days after voters chose to leave the European Union. British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing a coup within his own party as more than a dozen members of his shadow cabinet have resigned or been sacked. Scotland has announced it will take any steps needed to stay inside the European Union, including possibly holding a second independence referendum …;

Interviews with Paul Craig Roberts, uploaded by Jason Liosatos Outside The Box:

  • Post Brexit EU Referendum Interview, 37.11 min, June 27, 2016 … my talk with Dr Paul Craig Roberts about the current, and upcoming repercussions and possibilities after the Brexit and EU Referendum. Paul quotes some of the arrogance and audacity of the patronizing EU, and warns and reminds us not to hesitate, but to escape its entrapment as soon as possible before it is too late …;
  • Brexit EU Interview, 50.34 min, June 7, 2016 … about the EU referendum and Brexit, explaining why it is so urgent that people vote to leave the EU prison, not just for themselves and Britain, but to help other European people, world peace, and stability. We discuss TTIP, NATO, and the real consequences for UK if it fails to escape the EU headlock. Paul also explains what the EU really is, and its intentions;

Großbritannien sagt Nein, wer sagt jetzt noch Ja zu Europa? – Anne Will HD, uploaded by TV Extra, Sendung vom 26. Juni 2016 … (mit der Bundesministerin Ursula von der Leyen nur ein Beispiel für elitäre EU-Arroganz, die Britten hätten ihrer Jugend die Zukunft gestohlen: Also bitte, diese Aussage ist eine bodenlose Frechheit. Nein, der Ausstieg gibt der Jugend die Möglichkeit zurück, ihre Zukunft wieder als selbständige Bürger zu gestalten. Was das elitäre EU-Establishment dagegen verspricht, sind ein paar Brosamen mehr für selektiv ausgelesene Diener aus dem immensen Reichtum den wir alle erarbeiten. In diesem EU-Modell hat der Rest von uns, die gewöhlichen Bürger, immer mehr den Status von arm gehaltenen, bevormundeten und stumm gemachten Arbeitskulli – Heidi);

Nato wants Britain in Eu for War with Russai – Vote LEAVE Today, 29.27 min, uploaded by The Richie Allen Show, June 23, 2016;

KenFM am Set: über den Brexit und die Folgen – ein Interview mit Rainer Rupp, 37.27 min, uploaded by KenFM, ebenso auf Sternenlichter, am 1. Juli 2016;

ITV Brexit Debates on YouTube-search; /with Filtre: since a week.

Other Links:

The Vollgeld Initiative and the Future of Fractional Reserve Banking, on CFA / Enterprising Investor, by Ron Rimkus, June 27, 2016;
on en.wikipedia: Positive Money is a UK based organisation that campaigns against fractional reserve banking.[1] It was founded by Ben Dyson in 2010. It has found support from the chief economist at the Financial Times, Martin Wolf[2][3] as well as politicians from both ends of the political spectrum. Their proposals have been discussed in parliament[4] and they were instrumental in organising the first debate in parliament on money creation for 170 years.[5] Positive Money has sister organisations in 17 countries including the Swiss Vollgeld Initiative which has succeeded in forcing the Swiss government to hold a referendum on banning commercial banks from creating money; /See also: Monetary reform; /External Links: Positive MoneyInternational Movement for Monetary ReformWhere Does Money Come From, on New Economics Foundation;
in german:
Vollgeld-System on de.wikipedia (in no other language on any wikipedia): Vollgeld existiert in einem Währungsraum, falls das Geld als gesetzliches Zahlungsmittel der entsprechenden Währung ausschließlich von der zuständigen Zentralbank ausgegeben wird. Vollgeld schließt neben Bargeld (Münzen und Banknoten) auch alles Buchgeld (auch Giralgeld genannt) ein. Vollgeld ist nicht wie Buchgeld nur ein Anspruch auf Geld, sondern ist voll gültiges Geld in eigenem Recht. Geldschöpfung ist bei diesem System der entsprechenden Zentralbank vorbehalten (demokratischer wäre, der von Bürgern/Parlament kontrollierte Staat schöpft das Geld – Heidi). Buchgeldschöpfung durch Kreditinstitute wie Geschäftsbanken ist ausgeschlossen …; Weblinks;

Der Staat entmachtet die Banken, on Google Web-search;

Sovereign funds continue to pull billions from asset managers, on Financial Times, by Attracta Mooney, June 26, 2016: State-backed vehicles withdrew $8.8bn in Q1, the seventh consecutive quarter of outflows

Nova Scotia New Democratic Party holds annual convention, on CBCnews, by Lisa Blackburn, June 26, 2016: the convention was the first since Gary Burrill was elected party leader in February;

… and this:

  • Christina Grimmie sings Wrecking Ball, The Voice Highlight Blind Auditions, 4.25 min, uploaded by Show Me Space, Feb 10, 2015 … and many more in autoplay;
  • on en.wikipedia: Christina Grimmie (* March 12, 1994 in Marlton, New Jersey; † June 10, 2016 in Orlando, Florida[2]) … Grimmie died on June 10, 2016, of gunshot wounds inflicted in a targeted attack that followed her concert performance in Orlando, Florida …; same in german; and in french.

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