Secret Underground Complex

Published on Elohim, on July 8, 2016.

The 60 richest people on Earth are now secretly building an underground complex that can withstand any nuclear, chemical or biological world war or world revolution. This complex will have room for the 60 richest people and their families for a total of 480 people; plus 240 top scientists, especially geneticists and agronomists; 60 medical people representing all the specialties; 120 military commandos … // … and 60 of the most beautiful young women to repopulate the earth after the cataclysm ends and the atmosphere is clean again … //

… It’s a top priority for peace lovers to find and destroy such a place to prevent any escape for these 60 people. They are the 0,000001% who own the planet, and they will want it for themselves after financing a world war that would destroy the rest of humanity. If they have no place to escape to, they will stop financing the next nuclear world war.

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Migration, fundamentalism & terrorism in Asia, on, by Farooq Tariq, July 9, 2016: on the 1 July 2016, after an 11-hour-long hostage situation, 20 hostages were killed in a restaurant packed with foreigners in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Nine of them were Italian, seven Japanese, one US citizen and an Indian. The responsibility for the barbaric act was claimed by the so-called Islamic State. The incident is a manifestation of the international character of the threat posed by Islamic religious fundamentalists …; (my comment: for me ISIS and other monsters are a creation of the hidden few people who blackmail our govs and institutions to follow their orders, like in the middle age aristocrats used the catholic church to submit the European indigenous populations. Ones can be intimidated either by religion, by economic terror (worldwide money crash) or by war – Heidi);

Social Justice Unionism vs. Contract Unionism, on Substance News, by Kim Scipes, July 08, 2016: … again… How badly is this false dichotomy weakening the Chicago Teachers Union in the current financial and contract fights?

How To Become A Hacker, on, by Eric Steven Raymond, 2001;

… and this:

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