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Is Russia Winning The Oil Export War Against The Saudis? – Published on Oil Price, by Zainab Calcuttawala, July 05, 2016: Zainab Calcuttawala is an American journalist based in Morocco. She completed her undergraduate coursework at the University of Texas at Austin (Hook’em) and reports on international trade, human rights issues and more;

Russia is on track to set a new record in crude oil exports this year, and Iran is boosting exports to Europe, intensifying competition on the continent, which is a key market for both countries.  

As Oilprice.com noted at the beginning of June, Russia has surprised analysts time over time by keeping oil production at near-record levels throughout the rock bottom of the oil bust.

Not only has Russia managed to keep output at high levels, it has actively increased its exports to China and has managed to maintain its market share in other key markets … //

… Last year, the European Council on Foreign Relations released a report outlining new energy sources for Europe. The document called Russia an “unreliable partner” and suggested several Central European and Middle Eastern countries – including Iran and Iraq – as possible suppliers in the near future, albeit with logistical caveats … //

… The European Union might be skeptic about increasing its crude supply from Russia, China seems to be keen on receiving more Russian Crude. Russian oil exports to this part of the world have doubled year over year last April at the expense of Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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