ISIS eyes using Ebola as bio weapon – or: what fundamentalist dictatorship is serving

Published on Russia Today RT, Nov 1, 2014.

The Spanish government said it is concerned that terrorists could use the Ebola virus as a biological weapon against the West. A close eye is being kept on online chat rooms, where such attacks are reportedly discussed among jihadist groups. Extremists connected to the Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS) have been considering using Ebola as a weapon against the West, Spain’s State Secretary for Security, Francisco Martinez, said in an address to the parliament.  

Martinez stated that this type of activity serves as further proof that the internet is an “an extension of the battlefield” for the Islamic State, which uses cyberspace for “threatening enemies through propaganda, preparing operations, exchanging information, ideological training, recruiting new members and acquiring finance.” There are “many examples” of online terrorist chat logs discussing the use of biological warfare against the West, Spain’s RTVE public broadcasting corporation reported … //

… (full text).

[My comment: this had to happen. If ones have still not yet understood, this is the moment: there is a group that is bent on our destruction, at all costs. Are we really so naive to believe that these were the Salafists? No. This is the plan of the hidden Rainmakers:
1) not more than 2 billion people on this planet, or even less,
2) bring us back to Middle Ages, except a select few for special services,
3) again finally submit women, with all necessary brutality,
4) so we can play again God's servants
- Heidi.

Mon commentaire: cela nous pendait au nez. Si certains n'ont pas encore compris, c'est le moment: il y a un groupe qui veut notre perte, à tout prix. Sommes-nous vraiment si naïf de croire que ce sont les salafistes? Non. ça c'est le plan de nos seigneurs cachés:
1) au plus 2 milliards de personnes sur cette planète, ou même moins,
2) nous faire revenir au Moyen Age, à l'exceptions d'une poignée de privilégiés qui les serviront spécialement,
3) soumettre enfin à nouveau les femmes, avec toute la nécessaire brutalité,
4) afin que nous puissions à nouveau jouer les serviteurs de Dieu
- Heidi.

Mein Kommentar: das musste ja kommen. Falls es einige noch nicht verstanden haben, jetzt ist es Zeit: Es gibt eine Gruppe die will unsere Zerstörung, um jeden Preis. Sind wir wirklich so naiv zu glauben, dies seien die Salafisten? Nein. Das ist der Plan unserer versteckten Herrenmenschen:
1) noch höchstens 2 Milliarden Menschen auf diesem Planeten, oder noch weniger,
2) uns wieder ins Mittelalter zurückbringen, ausser ein paar Auserwählte zur speziellen Bedienung,
3) die Frauen endlich wieder mit aller nötigen Brutalität unterwerfen,
4) damit wir wieder Gottesdiener spielen können
- Heidi.]

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