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This is not Capitalism, this is Debtism, 1.33 min, uploaded by RT, Oct 6, 2014;

Noam Chomsky: Q&A Why you can not have a Capitalist Democracy, 17.46 min, uploaded by LeighaCohen, Oct 5, 2014;

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  • Post-Capitalism includes a number of proposals for a new economic system to replace capitalism …; /See also;
  • Raúl Zibechi (born January 25, 1952 in Montevideo, Uruguay)[1] is a radio and print journalist,[2] writer, militant and political theorist.[3] He has contributed to the weekly newspaper Brecha (an Uruguayan weekly newspaper); /External Links;

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  • Book and Movie Reviews: Alternatives to Capitalism by Richard Swif, on Axis of Logic, by Errol Sharpe, Aug 19, 2014;
  • Capitalism v. Democracy, by law professor Timothy Kuhner, on WAMC.org-Radio/The Roundtable, by Joe Donahue, Sept 15, 2014; (Listen Interview, 22.02 min/with internal Link);
  • What comes after capitalism? A new book examines traces the rise of the economic system — and why it’s too entrenched to resis, on SALON, by CRAWFORD KILIAN, THE TYEE, AUG 7, 2013;
  • The Associative Economy: Insights beyond the Welfare System and into Post-Capitalism, by Franco Archibugi, Ed Macmillan 1999;
  • post capitalist society – books with this theme on amazon;

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Battle for Baghdad: ISIS now within 8 miles of airport, armed with MANPADS, on Russia Today RT, Oct 11, 2014;

my comments (scroll down – de/fr/en) on Freedom vs. Stability: are Dictators Worse than Anarchy? on politics for the 99%, by Heidi, Oct 10, 2014;

UHURU presents Political Society and Its Discontents: South African Reflections on Indian Debates, 44.54 min, uploaded by Leila Dee Dougan, Oct 9, 2014;

JP Morgan’s HP Printer (it’s all they have) MAX KEISER, 1.32 min, uploaded by Rodney Valdez, Oct 8, 2014;

La Confédération Suisse rejette l’initiative populaire Halte aux privilèges fiscaux des millionnaires, dans FiscalOnline, Oct 7, 2014;

Le coffre à outils d’une bonne planification fiscale de la retraite, dans Conseiller, par Denis Méthot, Oct 7, 2014;

De la paye au revenu de retraite, faire le pont en toute confiance, dans Conseiller, par Kevn P. Dougherty, Oct 6, 2014;

Anarchism In 30 Seconds, 0,29 min, uploaded by Next Door Anarchist, Oct 6, 2014;

Ed Balls in conversation with Mehdi Hasan - at the Labour Conference 2014, 70.42 min, uploaded by Huffington Post UK, Sept 23, 2014;

Owen Jones talks to Mehdi Hasan about The Establishment, 75.54 min, uploaded by Huffington Post UK, Sept 11, 2014;

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