Index August 2016

2016-08-01: How to Teach Marxism;
2016-08-02: BRITISH Referendum: Lies, Damned Lies and Political Epidemics;
2016-08-03: the US Left and Presidential Elections, what can we learn?
2016-08-04: UK: The Two Souls of Labour;
2016-08-05: Thousands to Meet in Montreal for World Social Forum WSF;
2016-08-06: US: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice;
2016-08-07: Olympics: Tribe Facing “Genocide” Defies Ranchers after Baby’s Death;
2016-08-08: Putin wants Russia to be part of Europe, not its enemy;
2016-08-09: a bunch of concerns – actuals or not;
2016-08-10: Stark New Evidence on How Money Shapes America’s Elections;
2016-08-11: World Social Forum in Montreal WSF: another world is once again being constructed without Africa;
2016-08-12: Chinese sweatshops – they were the future, once;
2016-08-13: End of the play? – Spiel am Ende?
2016-08-14: Turkey: Obama versus Trump, Putin and Erdogan, can Coups defeat elected Governments?
2016-08-15: Cameroon/Herakles Farms: an appeal for assistance from Cameroonian communities …;
2016-08-16: Will Ukraine Take Donbass by the Force of Arms?
2016-08-17: Free people from dictatorship of the 0.01%;
2016-08-18: California’s War on the Homeless, From Streetside Attacks to Policies of Dehumanization;
2016-08-19: What Happened to the Pink Tide?
2016-08-20: Global Struggles for Dominance on ISIS, NATO and Russia;
2016-08-21: We Will Not Become Like Somalia – Interview with Libya’s Prime Minister;
2016-08-22: Growing Up Insane;
2016-08-23: How parasitic Finance Capital has turned Iran’s economy into a case of Casino Capitalism;
2016-08-24: Julian Assange vs Mafia;
2016-08-25: Britain: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn outlines policies for Wealth Creation;
2016-08-26: Two Weeks in September: The Makings of Merkel’s Decision to Accept Refugees – part 1;
2016-08-27: US: the Debut of Our Revolution – Great Potential … But;
2016-08-28: Why Did the Saudi Regime and Other Gulf Tyrannies Donate Millions to the Clinton Foundation?
2016-08-29: How Not To Fund Infrastructure;
2016-08-30: Fabricating illusions of people power in post-coup Turkey;
2016-08-31: The Roots of Islamophobia in France.

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