Putin wants Russia to be part of Europe, not its enemy

… Shimon Peres to RT – Video published on RT, 35.21 min, Aug 6, 2016.

President Putin is no enemy to Europe and can work successfully with the US on solving the Syrian crisis, the former Israeli PM Shimon Peres told RT. He also shared his vision concerning the Middle East peace process and fighting extremism in Europe.  

Peres, a 93-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner and Israeli political heavyweight, spoke to RT’s Paula Slier, who mentioned the fact that he met Russian president Putin on multiple occasions.

“I understood that actually, that Putin has in his heart, a wish not to fight Europe, but to be part of Europe,” Peres, a former Israeli President and Prime Minister said, apparently referring to the recent heightened tensions between Russia and the EU … //

… In regards to Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS/ISIL), Peres does not think that the terror group will last long, while their ideologically backward agenda makes no sense whatsoever.

They’re not a state. They’re a non-state [group] that wants to win wars, for example, against crusaders.

“I’d tell the gentlemen they’re a bit too late. How can you win over crusaders?”

In the meantime, Europe, which has recently seen a string of deadly terror attacks organized or claimed by IS, “has no choice” other than live in peace. He stressed that science and education might help prevent extremism and radicalization among youth.

“Muslims are a religion,” he stressed. “The problem is that many terrorists call themselves Muslims … we have really to enable young generations of Arabs and non-Arabs to enjoy [what] the age of science [offers].”

Peres served as the ninth President of Israel from 2007 to 2014, and twice as the Prime Minister of Israel. He has also been a member of 12 cabinets in a long-lasting political career spanning over 66 years since the very foundation of Israel in 1948.

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(see again: money is the alienated ability of mankind,
in The Power of Money,
by Karl Marx, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Marx
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Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844);

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