The One Percent

The One Percent, 76.29 min, uploaded by WarZalez, Nov 1, 2011: This 80-minute documentary focuses on the growing “wealth gap” in America, as seen through the eyes of filmmaker Jamie Johnson, a 27-year-old heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical fortune. Johnson, who cut his film teeth at NYU and made the Emmy®-nominated 2003 HBO documentary Born Rich, here sets his sights on exploring the political, moral and emotional rationale that enables a tiny percentage of Americans – the one percent – to control nearly half the wealth of the entire United States. The film Includes interviews with Nicole Buffett, Bill Gates Sr., Adnan Khashoggi, Milton Friedman, Robert Reich, Ralph Nader and other luminaries. Website: The One Percent.


Joseph Stiglitz: The Price of Inequality, 75.23 min, uploaded by pdxjustice, July 17, 2012: … and 81 other videos in autoplay;

Mike Ruppert’s Speech: The Great Awakening, 77.43 min, uploaded by nistyboy32, Feb 6, 2013;

2010 Building What? 57.52 min, uploaded by 911TVorg, March 16, 2013;

Capitalism In One Lesson, 14.44 min, uploaded by V for Voluntary Library, May 4, 2011;

David Ray Griffin: The Toronto Hearings on 9/11 Uncut/FULL, 79.55 min, uploaded by WAHRHEITSBEWEGUNG911, Sept 23, 2012;

G.Edward Griffin: The Collectivist Conspiracy, 84.54 min, uploaded by whahappa, April 20, 2011.

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