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(my comment: late Heinrich H., a aged Swiss physicists told me some 30 years ago that it was Madame Einstein having invented the famous Theory … and also that scientific world knows this well but does not feel a need for making it public …).


Einstein Archives Homepage, About, Archival Database, Finding Aid;

Archive at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem/The Library Authority: Albert, Sitemap, Current Activities, Contacts;

Hebrew University of Jerusalem;

Albert Einstein online, an article on, by by The Canadian Press-Story: 72671, March 19, 2012:
Albert Einstein’s complete archives, from personal correspondence with half a dozen lovers to notebooks scribbled with his groundbreaking scientific research, are going online for the first time. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which owns the German Jewish physicist’s papers, is pulling never-before seen items from its climate-controlled safe, photographing them in high resolution and posting them on the Internet, offering the public a nuanced and fuller portrait of the man behind the scientific genius … // … The Hebrew University holds rights to Einstein’s image, and prohibits advertisers from inappropriately using his likeness. In 2010, the university sued General Motors Co. for grafting the scientist’s head onto the body of a well-toned, shirtless man in an ad in People magazine. The ad had the slogan “Ideas Are Sexy Too”.

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