Drug Companies Donated Millions to California Lawmakers Prior to Forced Vaccination Bill

Published on Global Research.ca, by Christina Sarich, June 21, 2015 [VIDEO, 2.39 min].

Should we not have the right to choose? One in 50 children are now autistic. No, you didn’t read that wrong. Despite the fact that a CDC whistleblower recently came forward admitting that the government agency obfuscated evidence linking vaccines to autistic behavior, California lawmakers passed a mandatory vaccine bill (SB277) which removes parental exemptions – making it so parents couldn’t refuse or delay vaccines. Even more damning evidence has surfaced proving that Big Pharma had their hands in the creation of the bill.  

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that State lawmakers behind bill SB277 have ties to the makers of vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies and their trade groups gave current members of the Legislature more than $2 million. Nine of the top 20 recipients of these funds are either members of the Senate health committee, or leaders who could influence the outcome of the bill, as well as push it through to law.

One senator, in particular, is also a doctor, Richard Pan, who received more than $95,000 in campaign cash. He also just happens to be the man who wrote the bill.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Big Pharma also donated more than $500,000 to outside campaign spending groups that helped some of these top nine individuals be elected to their current legislative positions.

Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies contributed nearly $3 million in additional cash to the 2013-2014 legislative session lobbying, among these representatives, the state pharmacists’ board, and other agencies – who could also sway the outcome of SB277 – for mandatory vaccines.

Dr. or Senator Pan, whichever title you choose, is an ‘industry insider’ with far-reaching influence. He has been a teaching faculty member at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, and served many organizations which determine medical funding.

While he has flip-flopped on the vaccine issue in the past, previously introducing a bill which would have required parents to get their doctor’s approval to refuse a vaccine for their child, he recently said that the Disney measles episode, argued by some to be a false flag, was reason enough to promote forced vaccinations for public health … //

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