What Happened to Those Apocalyptic Predictions About Overpopulation?

Published on GIZMODO.co.uk, by Matt Novak,June 6, 2015.

In the late 1960s a biologist named Paul Ehrlich insisted that the world’s rapid population growth was unsustainable. What could be done? Ehrlich proposed radical population control measures—including sterilisation.  

The always excellent Retro Report has a new 12-minute video that looks back at the predictions in Ehrlich’s 1968 book The Population Bomb, and the consequences of his proposed solutions. And it’s not pretty. Ehrlich’s ideas included taxes on nappies and children, covert sterilisation of the public through drinking water, and even spiking foreign food aid with anti-fertility drugs//

… So why isn’t overpopulation on everyone’s minds today? Because most people have come to realise that it’s not food production that’s the problem. We can make enough food for the entire world to eat well. The problem is our economic system, which stands in the way of people having enough to eat.

The Population Bomb is filled with predictions of nightmare scenarios—and normally, we get to sit back and have a good laugh at incorrect predictions. But Ehrlich and his Malthusian ilk weren’t random futurists predicting doom and gloom. Their predictions of overpopulation and promotion of eugenics had real consequences on the world.

And as you can see from the video, Ehrlich isn’t apologising. Despite being wrong again and again and again (the Simon–Ehrlich wager/die Simon-Ehrlich Wette/le Pari Ehrlich-Simon).
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zum Mythos Ueberbevölkerung, Verblüffende Fakten zur Welt von morgen – Doku 2015 (NEU in HD), 44.24 min, von Dokus 2015 in HD, am 21. April 2015 hochgeladen;

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