Launching the Socialist Register 2014

Watch this video: Registering Class, 17.28 min, published on Socialist, Nov 24, 2013:

The 50th volume of the Socialist Register is dedicated to the theme of ‘registering class’ in light of the spread and deepening of capitalist social relations around the globe. Today’s economic crisis has been deployed to extend the class struggle from above while many resistances have been explicitly cast in terms of class struggles from below. This volume addresses how capitalist classes are reorganizing as well as the structure and composition of working classes in the 21st century …;
(also on YouTube: Socialist Register 2014 [1-6/6], 10-20 min each, uploaded by LeftStreamed, and on their website: Socialist Register).


Video: Mandela’s legacies, 27.35 min, on Russia Today RT, Dec 11, 2013: Is Mandela more complex then Western media shows? Is South Africa a better place because of him? Why do Americans iconize Mandela even though he was a critic of Washington? And what is missing from the media discourse? CrossTalking with Rajan Menon, Jeremy Keenan and Ilana Mercer;

Video: China’s new march, 28.43 min, on Russia Today RT, Dec 6, 2013: Is the battle of ‘overflights’ the opening salvo of the growing competition for the Pacific pitting China against the US? Is the American pivot to Asia merely militarizing the region? Can Washington accept that China will eventually become the regional hegemon? And what would an American-Chinese compromise look like? CrossTalking with John Feffer and Martin McCauley;

Geneva-Iran, Geneva-Syria: Why not a Geneva conference for Palestine? on Haaretz, by Muhammad Shtayyeh, Dec 5, 2013: It’s time to officially accept the reality: A nuclear occupying power like Israel is comfortable in the current setting of negotiations …;

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