Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, MAY 1-31, 2015

related articles published during May 2015: (continuously updated …)  

A Green Party perspective: Citizen’s Income, an idea too idealistic to take seriously or one whose time has come? May 31;
Green-Rainbow Party: Basic income needed to heal economic instability, May 30;
Suisse – Revenu de base: net rejet de la commission de la sécurité sociale du National, le 29 mai;
Lettre ouverte au Mouvement Français pour un Revenu de Base MFRB, 28 Fév;
Canada: Î.-P.-É. (Ile Prince Edouard) vers un revenu minimum garanti? May 25;
On Funding a Basic Income – The Economist, May 25;
Basically unaffordable, replacing welfare payments with a “basic income” for all is alluring, but expensive, May 23;
FRANCE: Opinion Poll Shows 60% Support for Basic Income, May 21; / 60 % des Français sont favorables au revenu de base, May 20;
Réforme sociale: Avec un revenu de base, chacun aurait plus de liberté pour choisir son activité, May 20;
Jurgen De Wispelaere & Leticia Morales: on The Stability of Basic Income, a Constitutional Solution for a Political Problem? May 20;
Video: The Case For A Basic Income Guarantee, 22.03 min, on Huffpost Live, May 20, 2015;
FRANCE: Basic Income pilot programme feasibility study defeated in Rhône-Alpes regional council, May 20;
Guaranteed income and fluffy unicorns, May 19;
Guaranteed income film will study 1 P.E.I. family, on CBCnews, May 16, 2015: Filmmakers will top up income of family living below poverty for 1 year;
Revenu de base – CR d’un débat citoyen sur ce sujet, mai 14;
CANADA: New Basic Income group launches in Québec, May 15;
A Basic Income, Women Action Group Statement, May 14;
PERUGIA and ASSISI, Italy: 5 Star March for a Citizen’s Income,^on May 9 2015, May 8;
Will guaranteed basic income replace welfare? May 7;
Le Revenu de base, Mai 7;
Will a guaranteed basic income replace welfare? May 7;
France – EVENT: French Senate Hosts a Colloque About Basis Income on May 19th, on Basic Income Earth Network BIEN, May 6;
Krugman’s Argument In Favor Of A Universal Basic Income, May 5;
TORONTO, Canada: why should I care organized Should-We-Invest-In-Basic-Income? May 4;
Basic Income Day is a Great Idea, and Especially on May Day, May 4;
Suisse: La JSS (Jeunesse socialiste suisse) refuse le revenu de base inconditionnel, May 2;
Basic Income Day is a great idea, but not on May Day, May 2;
ONLINE: Basic Income Day marked with successful social media Thunderclap reaching over 710,000 people, May 2;
UNITED KINGDOM: Green Party of England and Wales Includes Basic Income in Election Manifesto and Releases Costing Scheme, May 1;
WANT TO END SLAVERY? Introduce an Unconditional Basic Income, May 1.

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