once again my evergreen statement

already posted on two others of my blogs, but receiving each a fake virus-warning by an Antivirus Programm (there is no virus, only someone not liking this text), here I publish it again: stupid … I cannot let these questions.

Banks receive some people’s savings and pay them a very small interest. Then banks lend this money to clients and ask some more interest. Till here I understand, as the banks have to pay employees (the amount is another question).

But the bank also lends only 10% (or less) of the savers money, the rest, 90% or more will be virtual money -  means created out of nothing, means:  THE BANK DOES NOT POSSESS THIS 90%.


I guess we cannot explain it, we just repeat the same eternal  stupidity, as we are forbidden to see the emperor without its clothes. And more: IF the banks have NO DEPOSIT for this 90%, why should we pay them this money?

Why not put it (the 90%) into a common account (a big pot) to pay with this money all public needs, developments, researches, scools, medical needs, even free houses, transports … ? What makes us unable to think in this way?

Are we so much submitted that – in economics – we all live with a kind of Economic Stockholm Syndrome? What the hell is happening …

I guess, aristocrats, who invented in some dark ages the banking system, strongly filled up our brains with their rules. Rules then out of a feodal believe system. A system submitting us (the 99%) automatically (to them). Thus, today we are unable to leave the system … to let go the known … leave it for the unknown.

Like in the Stockholm Syndrome

Look, guys, IF we could become able to force our govs to STOP all the running stupidities … my god …

we just have to accept it ourselves, and force them

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