Interest-Free Money – Dept-Free Economy

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  • Richard Werner: Debt Free & Interest Free Money, 7.09 min, uploaded by Charles Bazlinton, May 26, 2011: …  facts about money creation that are at the core of every modern economy. About how the creation of the essential money that is needed to sustain growth is founded on debt. This suits banks, of course. Governments have huge debts, to banks, and few people realise that it does not have to be like this …; 
  • Interest Free Money: Rodney Shakespeare, 16.29 min, uploaded by 108morris108, July 27, 2012: Binary Economics is really a modern Islamic Democratic market, private property economics, alternative to fiat money. What matters is who makes the creation of Fiat money, Producers and consumers must be the same people. Therefore everyone must be enabled to produce. Currently that means spreading the ownership of the machinery, as machinery is productive. Large projects are dismissed because the cost of capital with compound interest becomes ridiculous before the project even gets going. Rodney Shakespeare’s web site: Binary Economics BE;
  • The Impending Collapse of the World Economy, 110.06 min, uploaded by MyDogAndAll, July 11, 2013: full doc;
  • 97% Owned: Economic Truth documentary, 130.22 min, uploaded by QueuePolitelyCut, May 1, 2012.
  • The Simple Mathematical Flaw in Modern Economics, 17.45 min, uploaded by freedomfrominterest, April 19, 2013: Most people believe that interest is natural to money. However, the way in which money is created determines whether interest is applicable or not;
  • The debt time bomb that is Britain, 47.32 min, uploaded by Deacon Swayne, Feb 26, 2013.

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ENMOD – Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques:

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