Canada: Basic income could help reduce poverty

Published on Alberni Valley Times, by Kristi Dobson, March 4, 2015.

Two local proponents of a guaranteed income system are hoping to get more supporters to fight back against poverty.

Jen Fisher-Bradley and Daryl Christensen want to see all Canadians receive a basic income to eliminate the gap between the haves and have-nots. More than that, they believe reducing poverty would have a positive spin on health and wellness and alleviate taxpayers’ burden on the health care and justice systems … //

… Regardless of how it would be implemented, the two are hoping to get a group of advocates together to bring the issue to election discussions and all-candidate meetings. Fisher-Bradley set up a Facebook page called “A Basic Livable Income for Alberni

Clayoquot,” where she lists resources and sparks conversation. She said such an influx of personal income could only benefit the community.

“It would put money in people’s pockets,” she said. “That would be put into the local economy so it is a great way to support small businesses.”

“I raised three kids on income assistance and am still paying for my health from that pressure,” Fisher-Bradley said. “I don’t believe that is the Canadian way. We are more compassionate than that and we need another option. I see everyone as deserving of it and fighting together.”

Anyone interested can contact Fisher-Bradley through her Facebook page or by email at or Christensen at 250-723-8171 ” We want to hear from you. Send comments on this story to Letters must include daytime phone number and hometown.

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