Victoria Nuland Lied to US Congress about Phantom Russian Hoards in Ukraine

Published on Global, by Stephen Lendman, March 7, 2015.

  • … Fact: Washington wants Ukraine used as a dagger against Russia’s heartland – with menacing US bases on its borders threatening is sovereign independence … //
  • … Fact: US-deposed President Viktor Yanukovych’s police showed remarkable restraint.
  • Fact: Washington-supported Nazi thugs bore full responsibility for beatings, sniper killings and other violence.  
  • Fact: Ukrainian parliamentary and presidential elections were farcical – with no legitimacy whatever.
  • Fact: So-called economic reforms involve crushing hardships on already impoverished Ukrainians in return for loan-shark-of-last-resort IMF blood money.
  • Fact: No responsible political reforms exist. None are planned. It bears repeating. Ukraine is a US-installed fascist dictatorship … //
  • … Fact: Kiev collaboratively with Washington launched naked aggression against Donbass residents wanting democratic rights everyone deserves – wanting to live free from the scourge of fascism.
  • Fact: No Russian hoards “poured across (Ukraine’s) border.” Kiev’s own military chief said so. No evidence whatever shows Russian involvement. None exists except photos exposed as fakes.
  • Fact: Washington and Kiev bear full responsibility for unleashing unspeakable violence against Donbass residents.
  • Fact: One or more Ukrainian warplanes downed MH17- a US/Kiev false flag. Russia and rebels had nothing to do with it.
  • Fact: Russia is the only nation delivering vitally needed humanitarian aid – inspected by ICRC representatives.
  • Fact: Minsk ceasefire terms included nothing about Debastseve.
  • Fact: Washington and Kiev “manufactured” Donbass’ conflict – not Moscow or rebels … //

… (full text).


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