Articles published on Al-Ahram weekly online, Nov 20, 2013

… Nov 20, 2013:

Beyond the constitution, by Gamal Essam El-Din: Major obstacles still lie in the path of implementing the post-30 June political roadmap …;

Radical shifts, by Ahmed Eleiba: The significance of Cairo’s drawing closer to Moscow continues to stir debate …;

A heap of tangled metal, by Reem Leila: Tough talk, by Nader Noureddine:
Ethiopia fails to see reason over the River Nile …;  

We know how to retaliate, by Gamal Nkrumah: Death upon death in Lebanon Tuesday as in one stroke suicide bombers hit Iran and Hizbullah in the Shia district of Janah, southern Beirut …;

The start of something new, by Ahmed Morsy: (He) asks whether this week’s assassination of a senior security officer is the beginning of a large scale assassination operation …;

Mohamed Mahmoud: a revolution unfolds, by Dina Ezzat: Marking the birthday of Al-Sisi; denouncing Morsi; remembering those who fell two years ago: commemorating Mohamed Mahmoud’s violent clashes has become an exercise in conflicting narratives …;

Mohamed Mahmoud Graffiti on en.wikipedia is a collection of graffiti that was painted on several walls in the area surrounding Mohamed Mahmoud street near Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt during the 2011 Egyptian revolution …; See also;

Mohamed Mahmoud Graffiti on Google Images-search;

and on YouTube-search.

See also on the Web:

UK: Politicians must ‘wake up’ to corruption in ethnic minority, by TOMAS JIVANDA, Nov 23, 2013: … some immigrants come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic … (they) come from societies where they have been brought up to believe you can only get certain things through a favour culture … One of the things you have to make absolutely clear is that that is not the case and it’s not acceptable … (my comment: even as a leftist I agree, I see also some behaviors we are rejecting in our daily life. We do not have to accept them as folklore – Heidi);

Debating a Drone, on War is a, by David Swanson, Nov 22, 2013;

Migrant Abuse: MEPs Plan Qatar Trip after Damning Resolution, on Spiegel Online International, Nov 22, 2013: Amid ongoing criticism over the treatment of migrant workers in Qatar, the European Parliament has announced it will send a delegation to the 2022 World Cup host. On Thursday, MEPs issued a resolution condemning conditions for these workers in the Gulf state, though Doha called the resolution premature …;

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