Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, MARCH 1-31, 2015

related articles published during March 2015 … :    
Basic-Income Guarantees, a Debate, March 31;
Deirdre Kent: Combining resource (including land) taxes, monetary reform and basic income is the political challenge of our time, March 31;
Canada: Case for universal basic income, March 31;
The Futurist: Money for Nothing, on The Daily of the University of Washington, March 30, 2015;
NEW YORK, NY, April 3, 2015: General Assembly on Immaterial Digital Labor and Universal Basic Income, March 29;
Phil BC: Why Labour Should Adopt the Citizen’s Income, March 28;
EUROPE: 19 economists call on the ECB to make QE for the people in a letter to the Financial Times, March 27;
Et si, au fil du temps qui passe, chacun décidait du montant de son revenu de base, March 27;
It’s Time to Start Talking Seriously About Basic Income, March 27;
NAMIBIA: Basic Income Movement Leader Appointed as Head of New Ministry for Poverty Alleviation, March 24;
Interview: Neil Jacobstein Discusses Future of Jobs, Universal Basic Income and the Ethical Dangers of AI, March 23;
Is it Time for Basic Income Guarantee? March 22;
From Basic Income To Social Dividends – Sharing The Value Of Common Resources, March 22;
UK: Small beer Budget, George Osborne deserves credit for holding back on the bribery, March 19;
Rethinking Work, Income & Leisure, Albert Wenger On Basic Income, March 18;
Canada: Income guarantee has its detractors, March 18;
Invest in Human Capital,  March 18, 2015;
Income guarantee has its detractors, March 18, 2015: Should Canada provide its citizens with a guaranteed annual income?
A Universal Basic Income Is The Bipartisan Solution To Poverty We’ve Been Waiting For, March 16;
SPAIN: Popular Initiative for Basic Income Ends with 185,000 Signatures, March 16;
Three Practical Hurdles to a Universal Basic Income, March 15;
Basic income and the anti-slavery movement, March 12;
FINLAND: 65% of Parliamentary Candidates Favor Basic Income, March 12;
Ca changerait quoi pour vous un revenu de base universel, inconditionnel, inaliénable tout au long de la vie? Un essai de simulation, March 11;
Poverty, the argument for a basic income, March 9;
UNITED STATES: The Fourteenth Annual North America Basic Income Guarantee Congress, March 5;
Basic Income – basic respect, on Our Kingdom, by DEBORAH PADFIELD, March 5, 2015:  Basic Income is not a panacea for our woeful economic structure but it could certainly be a big step forward;
Brooklyn, NY: Report from the meeting to create a political movement for basic income, March 4;
Canada: Basic income could help reduce poverty, March 4;
UK: Could A Real Basic Income Please Stand Up? The failure of representative democracy to enact radical liberal policies in the 21st century, March 2;
The argument for a basic income, March 1;

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