Divers Concerns, Election in Greece, Financial Warfare

Benchmarking the ECB’s QE Program, on naked capitalism, by Yves Smith, Jan 22, 2015;

Video by Al Jazeera English: We’ve launched our new website, 1.01 min, uploaded by Al Jazeera English, Jan 21, 2015: Website;

Martin Luther King, an American Hero, where is his Replacement? on Global Researach.ca (first on Paul Craig Roberts.org), by Paul Craig Roberts, Jan 20, 2015;

Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part 1, 37.23 min, uploaded by StormCloudsGathering, Jan 7, 2014: time to look behind the curtain, Website … and other videos in autoplay;  

Elections in Greece:

Financial Warfare:

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