Who isn’t Charlie? – some Muslim reactions

Published on Al-Ahram weekly online, by staff, Jan 14, 2015. http://weekly.ahram.org.eg/News/10126/21/Who-isn%E2%80%99t-Charlie-.aspx

Words are not enough to summon the sense of grief we, the staff at Al-Ahram Weekly, feel for our Charlie Hebdo colleagues, mowed down by an evil of such terrible proportion — an evil of such depth that many still have trouble fathoming, and many will be dwelling upon for a long time to come.

Our shock and horror, our sadness and our undivided solidarity with Charlie Hebdo have nothing to do with the material it publishes. We don’t care if we agree with it or not. No man or woman wielding a camera, a brush or a pen deserves to be killed for what he or she writes or portrays … //

… Something is happening in Paris and other Western cities that had already taken place in Cairo and other Middle Eastern capitals.

The irony is that when the Egyptians ousted a government that was nothing but a front for radical Islam, in June 2013, the West was up in arms against us. How dare the Egyptians depose the Muslim Brotherhood?

The fact that the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in closely contested elections and then proceeded to dismantle Egypt’s secular traditions without compunction seemed to be beyond the grasp of the average Western analyst or diplomat.

Then, when a sliver of the horror the Egyptians knew so well hit Paris, all hell broke loose — as it should.

To say that we could have told you, or have told you, is no consolation, not to the families of the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, not to the freedom of expression that has been trampled upon, not to the millions of Muslims who live in Europe and are bound to suffer the backlash of far rightwing bigotry.

But the horror that unfolded in Paris was written in big letters on Cairo’s walls all along. We read it, but the West refused to take notice. Even today, Western sympathy for political Islamists who tried, not without success, to hold Arab capitals hostage following the Arab Spring revolts hasn’t abated.

Even today, Western diplomats see the Muslim Brotherhood as a moderate force that was denied its birthright by an unfair, heavy-handed, army-backed popular upheaval. Political Islamists may, and often do, pose as moderates. But in fact, they share much of the ideology that led well-armed jihadists to wreak havoc upon Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia and Lebanon.

Four years after the Arab Spring revolts unleashed the latent power of radical Islam, Europe is now facing the same questions that we had to grapple with for years, indeed decades.

There are at least six million Muslims living in Europe, nearly five per cent of the population in Britain and Germany, and some say close to 10 per cent in France. These Muslims, among whom the radicals can easily hide, are now faced with a tidal wave of rightwing abuse. Our heart goes out to them as well: our sympathies go to the victims of Islamophobia, just as to those who are the victims of radical Islam … //

… Washington and European capitals thought they could befriend the Muslim Brotherhood, help it come to power and then use it as a magnet to coax radical Islamists out of Europe and back into the Middle East. The Muslim Brotherhood was a sort of political vaccination Western diplomats hoped to inflict upon us, in order to protect themselves from the more virulent forms of Islam.

But the vaccination didn’t take — not in Egypt, at least. The Egyptian mainstream objected to the Muslim Brotherhood with the same indignation many Parisians feel for militant Islam following the infamous shootings at Charlie Hebdo.

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(my comment: yes, there are also voices agreeing the slaughter, here they have no place – Heidi);

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