Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, JANUARY 1-31, 2015

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UNITED STATES: Proposal mentioning Basic Income finishes 12th among 20 policies to be seen by lawmakers, Jan 31;
Pour un revenu de base, Jan 31;
The basic problem with basic income is basic mathematics, Jan 30;
UNITED KINGDOM: Green Party’s Basic Income Proposal Scrutinized by Experts, Jan 30;
Does Uber Make A Universal Basic Income Inevitable? Jan 29;
India’s Basic Income, Or, Let’s Abolish Food Stamps And Make Everyone Richer, Jan 28;
Only problem with Basic Income is an unwillingness to move to consensus on reform, Jan 28;
LTCG is tax exempt if cost of new house exceeds sale amount, on liveMint, Jan 28;
“Diluted” vs. “Basic” Earnings, Jan 28;
WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA: A Basic Income For Canada and Manitoba: Why Not? Jan 23;
Is it time for Britain to consider introducing a Citizen’s Income? Some are backing the idea of a Basic Income, payable to everyone, but can it really be done and what are the benefits? Jan 23;
Roberto Merrill: Pré-distribuição / Pre-distribution, Jan 20;
Stanislas Jourdan: Sondage, 73% des Français seraient favorables à une allocation unique [Poll: 73% of the French favor a single allowance], Dec 20;
NEW YORK: The U.S. Basic Income Guarantee USBIG announces list of forty speakers for NABIG Congress, Feb. 26 – Mar. 1, 2015, on BIEN, Dec 19;
Nick Barlow: Liberal Democrats for Basic Income, anyone? Dec 18;
Rob Rainer: Politics, poverty and basic income, Dec 18;
Sam Becker: Is it Time to Consider a Basic Income? Dec 18;
INTERVIEW: Nick Barlow, founder of the ‘Liberal Democrats for Basic Income’ group, Jan 18;
UK: Green party outlines plan for basic citizen’s income for all adults, Jan 18: Natalie Bennett says payment to replace unemployment benefit would ensure no one lived in fear of losing their home;
Robin McGhee: -Opinion: Universal Basic Income is the way forward for the Liberal Democrats, Jan 17;
Brooklyn, NY & online: Meeting to Discuss a Political Movement for Basic Income, March 1, 2015, Jan 17;
INTERNATIONAL: Call for papers for a special issue on the Basic Income Guarantee, Dec 17;
Basic income paid to the poor can transform lives, Dec 16;
CANADA: Basic income needed, Jan 16;
UNITED KINGDOM: Basic Income group forms within Liberal Democrats party, Jan 15;
How to Fix Poverty: Write every Family a Basic Income Check, Dec 14;
UNITED STATES: Democratic Proposal Small Step in the Direction of BIG, Jan 14;
X Jean-Eric Hyafil & Leon Regent, Le revenu de base, ce n’est pas sorcier… chiffres à l’appui [ Basic income, it’s not rocket science… supporting figures], Jan 12;
US: A guaranteed income for veterans, on AlJazeera America, Jan 12;
Tech wizards like the idea of universal basic income – maybe that’s proof the rest of us should be wary, Jan 11;
Avec une grande réforme fiscale, un revenu de base de 450 euros minimum est possible, Jan 9;
QJ Politics: A case for basic income, Jan 9;
The Upside of a Guaranteed Annual Income in Canada, Jan 8;
Guy Standing: Cash transfers can work better than subsidies, Jan 8;
Renana Jhabvala: No conditions apply, Jan 7:
INDIA: Guaranteed annual income could save Canada money, but ultimately impractical – report, Jan 7;
LINK: The New Zealand Universal Income Trust has a new website, Jan 7;
Why the Tech Elite Is Getting Behind Universal Basic Income, Jan 7; An Unconditional Citizen’s Income, Jan 6;
3 Editor’s Choice Award: Why and How Should We Build a Basic Income for Every Citizen? Jan 5, 2015;
Adam Cowden: Moving Forward After Ferguson and Staten Island, Jan 2;
AU CAFE CITOYEN DE BEZIERS: Un revenu de base inconditionnel pour chaque personne est-il souhaitable? Est-il possible?, Janvier 1, 2015.

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