Rosetta spacecraft to land probe on comet – and make scientific history

LIVE UPDATES – Go-go-go! Rosetta’s Philae lander descent to comet surface, on Russia Today RT, Nov 12, 2014!

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Dutch astrophysicist Dr Fred Jansen is no stranger to the difficulties of space exploration. He led the team that put an X-ray observatory in orbit in the 1990s, and has since overseen exploration operations to Mars and Venus. But the Rosetta mission manager described his latest challenge as the most difficult yet.

On Wednesday, the European Space Agency will try to do the equivalent of transferring an object from one speeding bullet to another. More than 500m km away from Earth, between Jupiter and Mars, a probe named the Philae lander will be ejected from the Rosetta spacecraft and land on a comet for the first time in scientific history. “The comet and Rosetta are flying through space at 60,000km an hour,” said Dr Jansen, “In many, many aspects this is an absolute first.”

Previous missions to planets like Mars have been far less complex, said Dr Jansen, as ESA has already known about the objects, their densities and their atmospheres. With Rosetta this wasn’t the case,” he said, “It’s like the mission impossible because you are trying to achieve something at an object, where you don’t know what the object is like.”

Even the unusual double-lobed shape of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko was not discovered until the orbiter returned images earlier this year … //

… Dr Jansen said that landing on the comet will offer “a unique opportunity to study a deep-frozen version of the solar system as it was four billion years ago”.

“It links measurements we can do today with what was present when earth and life on earth emerged,” he said. The Rosetta orbiter will continue to study the comet for over a year after the Philae’s release.

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