Can Capitalism and Democracy Coexist?

Can Capitalism and Democracy Coexist? – Videos with Journalist Chris Hedges and political philosopher Sheldon Wolin, uploaded on YouTube by TheRealNews, August-November 2014: (1/8), 20.15 min; (2/8), 25.04 min; (3/8), 22.32 min; (4/8), 26.37 min; (5/8), 23.23 min; (6/8), 19.37 min; (see comment on naked capitalism, by Yves Smith, Nov 3, 2014 – also links on the website of The Real News Network TRNN, per Nov 2, 2014);

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Empire or Republic: Imperial Wars and Domestic Epidemics – You Can’t Have Wars and Public Health, on The People’s, by James Petras, Nov 3, 2014;

Released activist Nabeel Rajab vows to continue fight for human rights (EXCLUSIVE), on Russia Today RT, by Bryan MacDonald, Nov 2, 2014;

Time for a ‘new world order?’ No, it’s already here, on Russia Today RT, Nov 1, 2014;

Komplette Heute Show 31/10/2014 [HD], 34.16 min, uploaded by PremiumTVHD, Nov 1, 2014;

Halloween Waste: Delicious pumpkins decorated but not eaten, 2.23 min, uploaded by RT UK, Oct 31, 2014: Some are worried about what happens to pumpkins after Halloween. A new report says huge volumes of the healthy vegetable are wasted once the holiday is over. Polly Boiko visited some British restaurants, to find out what to do with your Jack-o-lantern;

RT launches dedicated UK news channel – RT UK, on Russia Today RT, Oct 29, 2014; RT UK as YouTube-channel;

Video on vimeo: 2014 World Peace Forum #2 – Yeuzhi Zhao, 49.43 min, by The World Peace Forum Society Teach In, Oct 25, 2014;

Democratic Autonomy in Rojava, on New Compass, by TATORT Kurdistan, Oct 10, 2014: In the past 33 years, the Kurdish freedom struggle, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), and its leader, Abdullah Öcalan, have not only reacted to social changes but shaped them and proposed further steps in the direction of a liberated society. Significantly, the PKK conceives the Kurdish question as an issue not of nation or ethnicity but of the liberation of society, of both sexes, and of all people. Öcalan’s book Sociology of Freedom is a kind of a road map for the liberation of Rojava and the entire Middle East, highlighting in detail steps toward freedom …;

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