Global Progressive Community Reacts to Manning Sentence

35 year sentence proves US will aggressively prosecute those who expose war crimes, and diligently protect those who commit them – Published on Common Dreams (also on Zcom), by Jon Queally, August 21, 2013.

Announcement of Pfc. Bradley Manning’s 35 year prison sentence by military Judge Col. Denise Lind on Wednesday was met with swift condemnation in the U.S. and across the globe with progressives and supporters of the army whistleblower calling the sentence a clear miscarriage of justice.  

Though less than the 60 years military prosecutors had pushed for, many critics of the three and a half decade sentence say that in the context of recent war crimes that have gone unpunished—including the invasion of Iraq, the killing of civilians in Afghanistan and elsewhere, extrajudicial killings, torture, rendition, and warrantless surveillance—it seems absurd to punish a young man who was motivated to expose some of the workings of these misdeeds via public disclosure.

What follows is a sampling of statements—including tweets, excerpts, etc.—cataloging the reaction from human rights groups, experts, journalists, and activists on the sentencing announcement: … (full long text, with many comments to these reactions).


Bradley Manning: on en.wikipedia with its Further reading, and the External Links; on YouTub e-search;

The video which Bradley Manning released to wikileaks, the reason for his imprisonnement: short version, 1.41 min; long version, 39.14 min;

Video: Bradley Manning Heads for Trial – No One Charged for Murdered Civilians, 15.55 min, on TRNN, December 15, 2011.

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