US, EU businesses oppose Russia sanctions but can’t say it- Medvedev

Published on Russia Today RT, Oct 15, 2014.

European and US businesses are “categorically” against Russian sanctions because they act against their commercial interests, but can’t say so freely, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said. “I’m absolutely certain that European businesses are categorically against this because it’s contrary to their interests,” the Prime Minister said in an interview with CNBC aired Wednesday. “I’ve also talked with US business representatives. Naturally, they also say that they are opposed. They whisper: ‘Well, you know that this is the decision of the government and we have to comply, but we consider it completely destructive’,” he said.

In September, a Moscow-based European business lobby group, the AEB, wrote a letter to EU and Russian governments asking for business ties to be kept functional. “Businessmen from the US are also opposed to the sanctions, but cannot come out in the open,” Medvedev continued.

On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov issued a similar statement, and said the European Union may face a €40 billion loss this year due to sanctions. “We are pragmatic people, and I believe that everyone should be aware of this, including our partners such as President Obama, Chancellor Merkel, and any others,” Medvedev added … //

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