The Ultimatum: Benjamin Fulford

… a Project Camelot Interview – Published on Project Camelot’s Original Website, Tokyo/Japan, Feb 2008.

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and here the three videos in format YouTube: Project Camelot interviews Benjamin Fulford, uploaded by Project Camelot, March 18, 2008: Part 1 of 3, 60.10 min; Part 2 of 3, 51.59 min; Part 3 of 3, 37.37 min;

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  • on en.wikipedia … was a social science research project of the United States Army that started in 1964 and was cancelled after congressional hearings in 1965.[1] The goal of the project was to assess the causes of conflict between national groups, to anticipate social breakdown and provide eventual solutions. The proposal caused much controversy among social scientists, many of whom voiced concerns that such a study was in conflict with their professional ethics … //
    … Chile was to be the test case for the project, but … //
    … The project’s purpose was described by the army as follows: Success in such tasks as equipping and training indigenous forces for an internal security mission, civic action, psychological warfare, or other counterinsurgency action depends on a thorough understanding of the indigenous social structure, upon the accuracy with which changes within the indigenous culture, particularly violent changes, are anticipated, and the effects of various courses of action available to the military and other agencies of government upon the indigenous process of change[3] …; /See also; /External Links;
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  • ar.wikipedia.

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(Mein Kommentar: Mein Gott, die Allianz gegen ISIS pfeift wirklich aus dem letzten Loch: jetzt müssen kurdische Frauen und Motorradgangs die letzte Freiheit retten – aber vielleicht ist das ein gutes Zeichen, wenn das Hinterstubenvolk endlich aus dem Loch geholt wird und damit einen Platz erhält, den es sich noch mit Kampf verdienen muss.
My comment: my God, the Alliance against ISIS whistles really on its last legs: now Kurdish women and biker gangs must save the last freedom – but maybe that’s a good sign when the back room people is finally taken out of the hole, getting a place it has yet to earn by fight
– Heidi);

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