Switzerland bucks EU youth unemployment trend

Published on AlJazeera, by Molly McCluskey, Oct 11, 2014:

Country’s youth apprenticeship programme is credited with one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. While nearly half of young people in some European countries cannot find work, a unique training programme in Switzerland has ensured jobs for nearly all who want one. More than 24 million people in the European Union are unemployed, and nearly 5.2 million of them are aged between 15-24 … //

… Eliminating the ‘knowledge gap’:

From information technology to cabinetry to laboratory technicians, Swiss students have the option to participate in early career training and apprenticeships in 230 different occupations. Nearly two-thirds of Swiss high school graduates participate in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) programme, which combines classroom training with practical work experience over a four-year apprenticeship programme.

Eighty-thousand people have participated in the programme.

Erich Kofler, the apprenticeships coordinator for the Basel-based pharmaceutical company Novartis, told Al Jazeera the programme helps ensure Swiss industries don’t face a worker shortage in the future. “Because of the CTE, we know we won’t have a knowledge gap,” Kofler said in an interview with Al Jazeera. “We can offer apprenticeships in precisely the areas we need, which change from year to year.” Novartis is working with 100 apprentices in 2014, and has had 300 to date.

Mandatory schooling ends in Switzerland at the ninth grade, when students are about 15-16 years old. In the seventh grade, teachers encourage students to investigate various apprenticeship options to discover what interests them, and then participate in a “test” apprenticeship lasting about three weeks.

Trying to find my niche: … //

… Importing the Swiss model: … //

… (full text).

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    (my personal comment as a Swiss – one aspect is neclected in all these fine explanations: what we learned in school, what I received from my father – each Swiss is free, IS BORN WITH A PROUD IDENTITY, born to be self-maid-men and -women, having their gun at home, voting the final legislation, proud of our work and achievements. The collective political identity maintains our descendendance of peasants surviving by hard work as free men in their valley, with only god above them and no aristos behind … free of slavery … at least we believe it, so the myth still works.
    We believe that we are the ones who make it, what’s often true. Finally, we do not identify with aristos, their lifes and behaviors … and such a myth you cannot export to countries were an elite is obsessed to show their everyday mighty spledid existence. Their people can no more feel any proudness. Look, I believe that governments creating a really highly sophisticated level of apprenticeship make it better if they accept their people as first level actors … only then they are really interested that you learn someting – Heidi);

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