Poverty must be challenged

Publishd on Evening Times, by Stewart Paterson, Oct 10, 2014.

NEXT week is Challenge Poverty Week and an opportunity to highlight the problems and seek achievable solutions. The problems are many and with poverty comes a load of related social issues that form a spiral of decline and a cycle of poverty. Poor health leads to a life expectancy of people born in the most deprived areas more than 10 years lower than those in the most affluent. In Glasgow it is characterised by 1.7 years off your life for every stop on the west to east train line from Jordanhill to Bridgeton.  

Healthy life expectancy is worse with people becoming ill much earlier in poorer areas and leading to a death before retirement age. Children in deprived areas have lower educational attainment, which affects their opportunities and leads to poverty being transferred to their children, in a reversal of privilege being passed from one generation to another.

The key to tackling these issues as espoused by many, including Sir Harry Burns, former chief medical officer for Scotland, is early intervention, but what is also needed is extensive intervention … //

… Poverty is a political choice. You choose to accept it is inevitable for some in society or to tackle it and its causes. I fully expect the new First Minister, when she takes over, to choose the latter.

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