Banned TED Talks

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Arthur Koestler:

Site Web: Global Consciousness Project ( meaningful correlations in random data;

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Enemy tactics: Kurdish female suicide bomber ‘attacks ISIS jihadists’ in Kobane, on Russia Today RT, Oct 6, 2014;

Kamikaze robot swarm: US Navy to launch AI-guided unmanned gunboats ‘within a year’ (VIDEO 6.37 min), on Russia Today RT, Oct 5, 2014 (also on YouTube, uploaded by usnavyresearch, Oct 4, 2014);

Battle for Kobane: Turkey fires tear gas at activists trying to enter Syria (VIDEO 0.46 min), on Russia Today RT, Oct 4, 2014;

What Is Mortgage Preapproval? on NASDAQ, by Motley Fool, Oct 04, 2014;

(procréation médicalement assistée) PMA, (gestation pour autrui) GPA: quel pays autorise quoi? dans, par Samuel Laurent, Oct 3, 2014;

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More Jobs, Flat Incomes, on WSJ, Oct 3, 2014: Faster employment growth but also 97,000 fewer workers;

Qui sont les illettrés en France? dans, par Mathilde Damgé et Matthieu Jublin, Oct 3, 2014;
voir aussi: Agence nationale de lutte contre l’illettrisme ANLCI;
NOTE D’INFORMATION: difficultés en lecture pour un jeune français sur dix, Direction de l’Evaluation, de la Prospective et de la Performance DEPP, no 12, Avril 2014, 4 pages pdf;

South Africa: After the end of our innocence, on Pambazuka News, by Richard Pithouse, Oct 1, 2014: Murder as a tool for political containment is back in South Africa, as the country is gripped by a largely unacknowledged paroxysm of popular ferment. A new authoritarianism is in the making, organised in the name of tradition and patriotism, and mediated through a shift in power to the police, intelligence and traditional authority …;


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