Housing, Fair Wages, Water, Food, Schools — Ya’ Gotta Bomb them First

Looking at the hardware and software of the killers, Murder Inc., really sets out what we are up against – Published on Dissident Voice, by Paul Kirk, September 25, 2014.

You don’t need to be a Georgetown graduate of the diplomatic killing corps or a rocket scientist or some overpaid pig of entertainment journalism or pundit or war hero or black president or a member of the publishing class to understand what bombing Syria and Iraq and any other country means to the military and civilian murder machine. Below, just the facts, ma’am. Clearly laid out as the direct military profiteers engaged in killing people abroad or in their neck of the woods (sic) as in Israel, you know, all those companies that are the GE’s and Boeings of the world. But do not be misled — Americans and Westerners make their livings directly tand indirectly killing people.

All those defense manufacturers also run on secretarial pools, CPAs, worker bees, err, the Little Eichmanns. Web designers, PR firms, all the nuts and bolts and fabricated metals. You think Intel is some benign outfit? Amazon dot Kill? Google? IBM, HP, the works. Hell, even Hollywood, all of them, make money on murder. I’ve had plenty of people who work at Intel who would one day like to do something else, but for now, top secret marketing and designing of hardware and software that ends up in tanks, on drones, in nuclear subs, in guided missile guts, etc.

Don’t forget that much of this murder hardware is designed and conjured up by the best and brightest at our Western colleges. Lawyers abound in this industry. Unions love good Boeing missile making jobs. This is the legacy of killing, empire, a black president who isn’t and is, fabricated by the same shit schools and teachers who also advance murder, economic hits or direct hits with drones and napalm or guided bunker busters.

The horror is right, Kurtz. Horror indeed. So, we can pontificate about ISIS and Syria and IMF and Nato and Jews and Christians of the male-female white dominating class. We can go on and on about boogymen and lies and more lies and false flags and lefties who are really hawks, all of that, sure. But just look at this gear, this most dirty of industries that has co-opted hundreds of other industries and employs millions upon millions of Little Eichmanns, for a job, to raise a good Jewish or Christian Family, to retire and travel and live the Top 20 Percent Consumer Lifestyle. Makes you want to kiss the feet of nuns and ministers and lay people who have been busted for protesting Minutemen and outside the murder joints of the US Armed Forces. Just kiss them, and cry for them as they rot in jails for civility and humanity, while the pigs all the way through the Little Eichmann species laugh and cultivate more murder, coming to your local military-police hardware fire sale soon.

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