Moves to contain water fears

Published on Al-Ahram weekly online, by Doaa El-Bey, Sept 11, 2014:

Confidence-building measures are key to resolving the dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia over the Renaissance Dam. Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Hossam Moghazi has been invited by Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn to visit Addis Ababa and the Renaissance Dam construction site this month.

The fourth tripartite meeting, held in Khartoum last month, Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri’s visit to Addis Ababa last week and Moghazi’s trip are part of ongoing confidence-building measures between Addis Ababa and Cairo … //

… … The committee’s final report, issued last year, said that preliminary studies conducted on the dam’s impact were insufficient to justify construction and more studies were needed.  Ethiopia’s foreign minister was scheduled to visit Cairo last July but the trip was cancelled in the wake of the uprising that led to Mohamed Morsi’s removal.

“Both Cairo and Addis Ababa are relying on expert opinion to ease tensions and open channels for dialogue,” says Sharawy. The consulting companies and other experts are expected to complete their reports in the next six months.

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