German NGO says TTIP will undermine global food security

Published on EurActiv, July 25, 2014.

.The German aid organisation Brot für die Welt warns that a planned EU-US free trade agreement known as TTIP will undermine local support for smallholders in developing countries and exacerbate the global food crisis. EurActiv Germany reports … //

… Support for regional food products under question: … //

… Local farmers disadvantaged:  

Another, and perhaps more prominent risk is the disadvantage created for agricultural goods from developing countries on the international market.

TTIP negotiators hope to bring about a decrease in tariffs between the EU and US on agriculture products. If this occurs, imports from newly industrialising and developing countries are likely to lose a portion of their market share to the United States for products like cotton, sugar, fresh produce, and fish, says Brot für die Welt.

The development aid organisation is calling for a “development policy check” for TTIP, which would evaluate the free trade agreement regarding the right to food and human rights in general.

In addition, all international trade agreements negotiated by the EU should include a human rights clause. This should offer the possibility of omitting or changing certain terms of the agreement when they threaten to violate human rights.

National economies involved promise TTIP will intensify trade activities, spur economic growth and lead to higher employment.

These expectations would be fulfilled, says a recent study published by the Munich-based Ifo Institute in partnership with the Bertelsmann Foundation, but third countries should also expect certain disadvantages. In addition to an expected increase in prosperity for the US and the EU, the study predicted considerable real losses in revenue for Asian economies.

“The increase in prosperity for Western industrialised countries should be reason enough to compensate those expected to lose out in the agreement and to be open to compromise in multilateral negotiations”, said Thieß Petersen from the Bertelsmann Foundation.

TTIP: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? … //

… (full text).

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