Eastern Ukraine

Video: Our Troops March and Drive Into Eastern Ukraine Bearing Nazi Insignia and Mass-Death, 82.36 min, on Wasgington’s Blog, by Eric Zuesse, July 28, 2014;
(also on YouTube, uploaded there by FallenUSSoldiers, July 27, 2014): Extensive war crimes in Donbass from July 2 to July 24, 2014 …).

My comment:

  • 1): how long will it take that these criminals – obviously enjoying their acts of destruction – are taken to the European Criminal Court of Justice?
  • 2): how long do our western medias continue with their lies telling Russia/Putin is the aggressor – shall we bring them also to a Criminal Court?
  • 3): you the West-Ukranians, do you really believe that we the European peoples want you among us? – No, with this behavior you’ll NEVER be a part of our world!!
  • 4): how long will it take that we westerners show the same people uprise like in the Vietnam War?
  • 5): Is the Civil War in Gaza made to concentrate all medias away from the geostrategically much more important Ukraine?
  • 6): How long do we support our govs supporting NATO’s actions? – Heidi).

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… and this:

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