… rich, richer … poor, poorer …

Video – The Ascent of Money: A Financial History by Niall Ferguson, Epsd. 1-5 FULL, 240.14 min, uploaded by Spirit of Revelation, Nov 7, 2011 (again a chance for those who have still not got it).

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The BRICS: A response to Yash Tandon, on Pambazuka News, Mike Daviesy, July 17, 2014: In the Pambazuka special edition on Revisiting the sub-imperialist BRICS, Patrick Bond and other writers were critical of the role of BRICS. Later Yash Tandon wrote a rejoinder to such BRICS bashing. Below is a piece that calls progressive forces to address the agency of local elites in colluding with capitalism and imperialism and oppose both global imperialism and local tyranny …;

Snowden should be praised, not prosecuted – UN rights watchdog, on Russia Today RT, July 17, 2014: The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights believes the world owes a “great deal” to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, saying he should not face trial for his revelations of sweeping state surveillance as they have served the public interest …;

EU-ultimatum against Russia EU: ultimatum against Russia—another Rambouillet? on Current Concerns, by Willy Wimmer, July 9, 2014;
Rambouillet Agreement, on en.wikipedia: … was a proposed peace agreement between the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and a delegation representing the Albanian majority population of Kosovo …;

Ukraine conflict—propaganda and reality, on Current Concerns, by Prof Dr Klaus Hornung, July 9, 2014.

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