Trafficked into slavery on Thai trawlers to catch food for prawns

The Thai fishing industry is built on slavery, with men often beaten, tortured and sometimes killed – all to catch ‘trash fish’ to feed the cheap farmed prawns/shrimps sold in the west - Published on The Guardian, June 10, 2014: A six-month Guardian multimedia investigation has, for the first time, tracked how some of the world’s big-supermakets – Tesco, Aldi, Walmart and Morrisons are using suppliers relying on slave labour to put cheap prawns on their shelves. Slavery is back and here’s the proof … Thai ‘ghost ships’ that enslave and even kill workers are linked to global shrimp supply chain, Guardian investigation discovers modern day slavery:    

  • Article – Thailand’s seafood industry: a case of state-sanctioned slavery? by Felicy Lawrence, June 10, 2014:  Slavery is illegal, yet it is driving Thailand’s growth – so why are retailers, producers and governments alike turning a blind eye?
  • Video – Asian slave labour producing prawns for supermarkets in US, UK, 18.19 min, by Kate Hodal and Chris Kelly in Songkhla and Felicity Lawrence /The Guardian, June 10, 2014;
  • More on this story: trafficked into slavery on Thai trawlers;
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  • Thailand votes against international forced labour protocol … Qatar and most Gulf states abstain on treaty that requires countries to help victims and punish perpetrators of forced labour, on The Guardian, June 13, 2014 – (my comment: when I was diving in Thailand / the Similand Islands, we lived for days on a ship. I watched a strong contempt of some young Thai dive instructors (obviously out of higher social levels) to their compatriotes, the low staff Thais (less literate people out of the north). Example: Thai dive instructors – after a dive – had robbed away and given us the fine dining specialties put in the corner for low staff food. I see how in Thailand the gap between literate higher class levels and the illiterate northen ethnies is indeed inhuman. No more any secret about Bangkok’s eternal social battles);

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  • (my comment: hey guys … with all your military power you are not able to smash these bastards? Or do you intervene definitively only for your damned oil? Or to save the liberal market’s exchanges in dollars? … in any way, soon your game is over! – Heidi);
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